Rezvani is a small boutique car manufacturer that has previously specialized in creating quick and agile sports cars. But they’ve recently made an attempt at building something big, burly, and plenty capable when it comes to off-road use. They call it the Tank and as soon as you see the list of available options you’ll quickly realize that it’s more than just a clever name.

Rezvani refers to the Tank as a “Xtreme Utility Vehicle (XUV),” which is obviously more extreme than a standard SUV. And as much as I’d like to argue the fact, it very much appears to be the case. As I mentioned in the headline, this beast is packing 500hp. That’s thanks to a 6.4L Hemi V8 which also produces 430lb-ft of torque, which is what really matters when it comes to hardcore off-road use.

Photo: RezvaniMotors

I also mentioned Jeep Wrangler, and that’s because the Tank is built upon a Jeep Wrangler platform. If you look closely you’ll see there are some extreme similarities between the Tank and the Wrangler aside from the undercarriage. The Rezvani press release says it’s a “body-on-frame design” meaning that they essentially built a new body and put it on the Wrangler chassis. But yet some reports are saying that the core structure of the Wrangler remains and instead it’s just body panels that have been replaced. I don’t mean to imply this is a bad thing after all the Jeep Wrangler has proved itself to be a true legend off-road so it would be in Rezvani’s best interest to piggyback off tried and true chassis. Not to mention there’s a massive list of aftermarket options readily available for the Jeep.

So you might be wondering where the $178,000 price tag comes from, right? That’s where those clever options come into play. Rezvani wanted the Tank to be an “Urban Tactical Vehicle” and they didn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops when trying to achieve that goal. For example, some of the available options include ballistic armor protection, FLIR thermal and night vision capabilities, Kevlar fuel tank, and B6 bullet resistant glass all around. Granted, there may not be a huge need for that sort of equipment, but that doesn’t mean it would come in handy at some point in time right?

Photo: RezvaniMotors

I should mention that the Tank in its simplest form is a military-inspired Jeep Wrangler with a Hemi-swap. But for what it’s worth, it does have a stout off-road system to back up the hype. Not only is it using the Wrangler setup, but it also utilizes upgraded Dynatrac ProRock axles with E-Lockers and 2.5-inch remote reservoir shocks from Fox Racing on all four corners. That’s similar to what you’d find on the Ford Raptor, at least the first generation which also came with Fox 2.5’s rather than the 3.0’s on the Gen 2.

So is the Tank worth it’s $178,000 estimated price tag? It might be too early to tell. If you have the money to burn and want something that will be extremely capable, and that will stick out like a sore thumb at any off-road gathering, The Rezvani Tank is a perfect vehicle for you. Plus, if a worst-case scenario like the apocalypse happens you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

Photos courtesy of: Rezvani Motors

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