The 2017 Formula One season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent years. That’s mainly due to a major rule change that allow the cars to reach even more of their potential, the drastic increase in tire size. They are a full 25% larger than they were for the 2016 season, which adds up to a huge difference for the contact patch. That extra traction combined with increased downforce should keep the drivers planted around corners at neck-snapping speeds, something that makes lap times much quicker.

Whether or not you’re an F1 fan, you probably have massive respect for the incredible cars are what they’re capable of. However, just in case there are some of you that are still on the fence about whether you like the new cars, or Formula One in general, this short video should set you straight. It shows a direct side by side comparison of two top drivers doing a flying lap. On the left is Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes during the race at Barcelona last year where he set the pole (fastest qualifying lap). On the right is Kimi Raikkonen from the testing session at Barcelona this year in his 2017 Ferrari. There’s no question that the new car will be faster, the question is just how much faster it will be. Watch and you might be surprised by the difference.

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