Of all the many types of motorsports out there, very few can compete with the violence and brutality seen in high-end drag racing. And of course when I say violence and brutality, I mean that in the best possible way. For those of you that have witnessed a car or truck with more than 3,000hp launch off the line at the drag strip, you know exactly what I mean. For those of you that haven’t, the easiest way to try and explain it is by saying this: You don’t just see and hear how fast these cars are, you feel how fast the cars are and you literally feel it in the depths of your soul. Add that’s as a spectator mind you.

The guys at 1320 video picked up a perfect example of this out in Qatar where the drag racing scene has significantly increased in popularity. We all know that part of the world is now famous for supercars and many other expensive vehicles. But not many people would expect to see a ProMod Camaro pushing out more than 3500hp. According to the 1320 crew, this is by far the most violent drag car they have ever experienced and filmed. Considering they specialize in Drag Racing content, that’s really saying something. Apparently, the Camaro launches so hard that it actually caused some of their camera equipment to malfunction.

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