The UTV market is out of control at this point and shows no signs of changing anytime soon. There are so many different variations available that you can find one for whatever your needs might be. They’ve always been workhorses, but it’s only been over the past 5 years or so that more high-performance models hit the scene. Now we have 1000cc motors with turbo chargers in the top of the line Polaris and Can-Am models, both of which being the frontrunners of the segment. However, Yamaha catapulted themselves into the mix when they released the YXZ-1000 for the 2016 model year and have remained there ever since.

However, the YXZ doesn’t come with a turbo from the factory which is where the guys at Alba Racing stepped in. They took it upon themselves to create the baddest Yamaha YXZ they could and the end result is just that in my opinion. Yamaha used a three cylinder engine similar to that used in their snowmobiles to create a respectable amount of power in stock form. However, after adding a turbo charger and a whole list of other upgrades, Alba created a monster YXZ with more than 400hp on tap.

Imagine having the power of a Corvette in a glorified off-road go-cart. It would be an absolute beast but yet fun as hell to drive. Granted the YXZ is so much more than a glorified go-cart thanks to things like fully adjustable Fox 2.5 X2 shocks with independent double wishbone suspension front and rear that provides 16 and 17 inches of wheel travel respectively. Plus it’s the only UTV that comes with a transmission that you can shift gears. That’s right, it comes with a 5 -speed sequential manual that allows the operator to have full control of when and where it shifts.

With that being said, you can only imagine how fun it would be to sit behind the wheel of the Alba Racing YYZ. With all that power under your right foot and the ability to rip through the gears like a world class rally driver would be pretty epic. Don’t believe me? Watch the video of this monster being tested recently out at the Glamis Sand Dunes and try and tell me you wouldn’t want a crack at it.

Photo: teamalbaFB
Photo: albaracingFB & Daniel Schenkelberg

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