Anyone that says you can’t have fun on a sidecar either hasn’t ridden one or ridden one correctly. The brothers over at Good Spark Garage know how to ride a sidecar properly. Corey And Casey Wilkinson are a couple of brothers from Indianapolis that both share an extreme passion for motorcycles. In this case the particular motorcycle has three wheels, it’s called a Ural.

Sporting a diverse collection of motorcycles the Wilkinson brothers have both developed a soft spot for the old air-cooled Ural, using them for everything from grabbing shop supplies to full on offroading. Ural is a Russian based manufacturer that produces the longest running line of sidecar motorcycles. They have been in production since WWII, where they started assembly in the Ural mountains in 1942. Now, almost 75 years ago the design remains true to the original. Matter of fact the design hasn’t changed much at all, with the majority of upgrades happening in the last ten years. That’s an impressive feat, not even the Volkswagen beetle held out that long. And the reason is, well it just works. I’m fairly certain the Russian translation of Ural is ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ I mean this bike didn’t get a single disc brake until 2003, and that was just the front mind you. They didn’t get all wheel discs until 2014. That’s ludicrous, and all a part of Ural’s charm. It’s an extremely basic design that simply works, allowing you to get where you want and enjoy it while you’re doing it.

People have a tendency to overlook anything that doesn’t wow on paper, looking at the relatively low horsepower numbers and hefty weight, the Ural fits directly in that category. But There is so much more to their story than paper stats can show, it’s something you have to ride to understand. Thankfully for us, the Good Spark garage boys have brought us this great video, showing how much fun a Ural really can be, even in 1-wheel drive. Watch, enjoy, repeat.

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