Let’s say you pull up to an airport runway that’s been specifically closed just for you and your friends to go out and kill some tires. And to make things even more interesting, let’s say drift legend Sam Hubinette is there to give you a one on one lesson explaining the proper way to throw the ass end of a car around. That’s exactly what Jon Olsson experienced recently when he met up with Hubinette, who brought out his gorgeous Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 for a quick session. Anyone in their right mind would have to agree that this would be a day of such epic proportions that it’s almost difficult to put into words.

This is the same gun metal gray Lambo that’s been fitted with a Vorsteiner aero package that Sam and his wife, Stina, drove in #HuracanDrift. After giving him a crash course in drifting, Hubinette miraculously let Olsson get behind the wheel of his precious Huracan and set him loose on his first drift session! Also in the video was a gorgeous BMW E92 M3 that gets a proper hooning session and sounds fantastic in the process. Olsson has been doing these Vlogs for a while now and every so often he pulls out a gem for the Moto enthusiasts and that’s exactly what this is. If you wanna jump straight to the action it starts about a minute in.

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