In the off chance that you’re still on the fence about the new Gen 2 Raptor, there’s one man that might be able to sway you one way or the other. And that man is Ken Block. We know he’s a fan of the first Gen Raptor based on his beloved Raptortrax, but how does he feel about its successor. Let’s be honest, there’s really only one thing not to like and that’s the whole V6 thing. Assuming you can get over that, the Raptor is simply better than the outgoing model.

Ken teamed up with Jonny Lieberman from Motor Trend for an episode of Ignition where the two went out to the desert for a proper hoon session. Seeing what the Raptor is capable of in the hands of a driver with as much experience as Ken Block is an extraordinary thing to watch. But what was almost as impressive, was to see Jonny get behind the wheel and be somewhat able to recreate the same results even though he’s not nearly as talented as Ken, no offense to Jonny. The only reason I bring that up is because it gives you a pretty good indication as to how good this truck really is. So take a few minutes and sit back and prepare to be amazed as to what a stock Ford pickup is capable of.

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