If you really want the “go absolutely anywhere” type of all terrain vehicle, the SHERP ATV is going to be tough to beat. The combination of the massive 63-inch tires and skid steer this crazy looking machine is capable of literally turning on a dime, as well as crawl up, over, or through just about anything you could possibly imagine. If there’s a gap in the trees that’s at least 8 feet wide, the SHERP will figure out a way to get through it.

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What makes this unique vehicle so unstoppable isn’t some crazy powerful motor like you might expect. As a matter of fact, it only has a 44hp Kubota engine that has a top speed of 28mph. It’s actually the massive tires and the paddle like tread that allows the SHERP to not only go anywhere on land, but anywhere in the water too! The tires are super low pressure and leave a giant footprint so they “float” over mud, snow, and sand. But how would it handle the little nightmare known as Canadian Muskeg?

If you’re like me and had to look up what exactly “muskeg” is, you’ll know that according to Google it’s “a North American swamp or bog consisting of a mixture of water and partly dead vegetation, frequently covered by a layer of sphagnum or other mosses.” It looks like the worst kind of mud mixed with the worst kind of clay, soaked in water and then adding a layer of moss like substance across the top. Needless to say, it is gnarly and requires heavily modified quads and other off-road vehicles to even have a chance at getting through it.

There’s one trail that’s defeated all those who have attempted it time and time again. It’s called the “P Trail,” and there are numerous videos of people trying to get through this burly trail, and more times than not, they can’t make it 100feet passed the start of the trail!

Then YouTuber, OStacruiser, stumbled into a funny looking rig called an SHERP ATV that was being demoed by a local Canadian dealer, and they wondered if they had finally found a vehicle that could conquer the mighty P Trail. After making a ton of phone calls, they managed to line up a demo of their own with the dealer and suddenly they had two brand new SHERP’s on a trailer and were headed towards the start of the route that had stumped them so many times and for so long. Will they make it? Watch the epic battle in full and find out.

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