The side by side UTV’s available today get more and more capable every year as they come from the factory. But there have always been those people in the aftermarket world that can make things that much better. One company that has earned a stellar reputation for the customization of UTV’s is Concept Distributing out of Canada. To put their work to the test they grabbed action cinematographer Bradley Friesen and his helicopter to come out and film as the attempt to launch one of their custom built RZR’s almost 200 feet. Driving the RZR would be “Al” from Concept Distributing and one thing is for sure, this dude is fearless. We have featured some incredible footage of RJ Anderson in is XP1K series, but to me it seems as if this jump was bigger. Either way the footage is fantastic thanks to the combination of on board cameras, a drone, and of course the aforementioned helicopter. Would you be able to stand on that throttle as you bee-line towards a ramp twice the height of the vehicles your driving? I know Freestyle Motocross riders have been doing it for well over a decade, but for some reason being in whats basically a small jeep makes things a little more interesting.

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