Over the Christmas holidays, the Rocky Mountains received a massive dumping of snow which means that snowmobilers all over the Northwest were scurrying out to the hills the first chance they got. Professional rider Keith Curtis lives up in Montana and from the looks of it, they got hammered up there as well. Not one to miss a chance at fresh powder, Curtis grabbed his GoPro, his Polaris Pro RMK and headed for this hills.

There’s no question that Curtis is one of the top hill climb riders in the country so needless to say he’s extremely talented when it comes to sled control. In this particular video he’s doing a tree run, but on a side hill which can be a very difficult thing to do. Even growing up around sleds my whole life, it boggles my mind the to see some of the predicaments he gets himself into, and then out of, without much grief or effort at all. There’s a couple times where he didn’t look like he could go right or left, but somehow he does just that. I guess you could say he pulled “the perfect escape“.

In an interesting twist, he meets up with a buddy that has a snow bike. So he jumps on that and proceeds to go on a tear around with it too. Now we’ve always wondered how good these snow bikes really are in comparison to a sled and we’ve talked about it a couple times. One thing that would be a major advantage would be how narrow the bike is which will allow you to squeeze through the tightest spots. You see prime examples of this when Curtis is blasting through tree sections that barely appear wider than the bike itself. So the agility and nimbleness are incredibly appealing with these bikes.

My main concern with them is how well would they climb and handle the really deep snow. If you listen to the bike as Curtis is riding it, he’s constantly having to downshift and it sounds like it gets bogged down pretty easy. It does seem as if he’s able to ride in the same area as the sled so maybe it’ll hold its own. But if we had to guess, the sled is still by far the king of the winter mountains.

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