With the new GT2 RS stealing all sorts of headlines as of late it’s nice to see a 993 crawl its way back into the mix, even if for just a few minutes. So what does it take to get a 993 in the news nowadays? Well, the equation is pretty simple. Nurburgring + 993 + some serious driving skill = best video of the year candidate.


The 993 Porsche 911 is argued as being the best car Porsche has ever built. While that claim is near impossible to prove, something we can agree on is that the 993 911 is by far the pinnacle of air cooled Porsches. What made the 993 so special was the fact that it demanded so much from its driver, but gave back even more than what was put in. That means it took everything and then some to go fast, but when it did it really got up and moved. It’s also an extremely visceral experience, with no electronics in place to save you from yourself. If you want to go fast in a 993 you better damn well be committed.

When you take that kind of determination and unleash it at the Nurburgring with a video camera running you will end up with one of two possible outcomes. Option one, you wad your precious 993 into a guard rail at an absurd speed, making the top of the ‘Green Hell’ fail videos on Youtube. Or option two, you use an insane amount of skill to muscle your 993 around the ‘ring’ in the type of lap that gets you labeled a hero. ‘Showdown911’ as he’s known on Youtube definitely came off looking like a hero.


Sandro Ziegler is the man behind the helmet piloting the 993 in all its glory. Ziegler shows what true car control looks like from inside the 993 all while playing a friendly game of tag with a Cayman GT Clubsport. With the Clubsport being 17 years newer than the last batch of 993’s, it’s fair to say that the Cayman has a tactical advantage when it comes to race tracks. It also comes with a slew of electronic assists that allow for a much easier time going fast. Ziegler is adamant that with less traffic the Clubsport would have easily left him behind to ride alone.

Even still I don’t think you can beat the experience of being inside a 993 when pushed to its limits. That sound alone makes it worthwhile. The Cayman may be a faster track car thanks to advancements in technology, but I would take that brutal 993 driving experience over it any day. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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