You just picked up a new car or a new project car. As a gearhead your first thoughts are generally ‘how can I make this faster, how can I make this look better? How can I make this car mine?’ The simple answer is to hop online or go to your local speed shop and start ordering parts. Now many first timers buy at random, without a plan. Some might say it’s a terrible way of building a car, I say it’s the unknown that allow the most spectacular results to take shape!

Let’s take a look at Kiwi Gregg Hamilton. Hamilton is a New Zealand native that has come to the US as Ken Blocks senior technician over at Hoonigan Racing. When he’s not tweaking Blocks insane Fords, he is pulling wrenches on his own project car. A twin-turbo V8 restomod Pontiac Firebird.

“There was never a great plan to build it into what it is,”

Photo: SpeedHunters Larry Chen
Photo: SpeedHunters Larry Chen

Being from New Zealand, Hamilton is very intrigued with the big V8’s we all grew up with. So what better American V8 car to mod than Smokey and the Bandits car?!

The problem with doing any sort of modification, is the slope.

“You want to make the engine a little nicer, so you pull some bits off it. You fix this then you fix that and when you fix that then this other thing looks old, and, it’s a slippery slope. Once you start,”

“You gotta be careful how far down the slope you go.”

Once you get your hands dirty replacing one thing, modding another, it really can be an endless endeavor. However, seeing your car evolve right before your eyes, turning into the monster you’ve always imagined, is the absolute best feeling. Worth every drop of blood, every dollar spent and every hour in the garage.

Video: Petrolicious on Youtube

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