Underground Racing is a small shop based in Charlotte North Carolina and even though they are smack in middle of die hard NASCAR country, these guys specialize in taking some of the fastest exotic cars in the world and turning them into ungodly ferocious beasts churning out in excess of 2000hp from a street-legal car. These are not just any street cars, of course, we are talking the likes of Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari among others but I think without a doubt their bread and butter has got to be the V10 that’s in the Lamborghini Huracan, Gallardo and of course the Audi R8. That V10 happens to come with 610hp Stock so it is absolutely no slouch to begin with, but why have 600 hp when you can slap a UGR X twin turbo package on it and have over 2300hp. Right? I mean it’s only money and when you compete in half mile and mile long race competitions, having that extra horse power could mean the difference in achieving a world record or not.

Well the guys at UGR have done it yet again. They’ve taken the Huracan and fitted the X package on it and it’s now pumping out 2300 hp and they used every one of those horsepowers to set the World Record by hitting 238.6 mph at the WannaGOFAST 1/2 mile event this past November. With 1/2 mil events like this, it’s from a standing start and you try to reach the highest mph by the end of the course so you can only imagine the intensity of the acceleration that it would require to reach 238.6 mph in such a short distance. A half mile may seem like long way but next time your driving down the freeway and you see one of those signs that says 1 mile ahead just think its half that distance and yet your traveling from 0-238mph. That’s crazy fast and powerful.

At the same WannaGOFast event in Sulphur Springs Texas, the Underground team was represented very well when two other UGR vehicles set two other records while they were there. The fastest R8 record of 235mph and the fastest Stock Transmission with another Huracan at 202mph.

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