Lamborghini only sold 20 examples of the Sesto Elemento. At a paltry price tag of $2.8 million dollars, this supercar derives it’s name, Sesto Elemento, from the atomic number of carbon in recognition of the extensive use of carbon fiber throughout this beautiful machine. It’s equipped with 6-speed semi-auto transmission, is all-wheel drive, and uses a special version of the 5.3L V-10 found on the brand’s “entry-level” Gallardo. Due to the aforementioned extensive use of carbon fiber, the car only weighs in at 2200 lbs and Lamborghini claims a 0-60 time of under 2.5 seconds.

Photo: Lamborghini
Photo: Lamborghini

You may remember this beauty from the movie, Need for Speed, in which they actually used a replica version. You didn’t think they’re deliberately wreck a 1 of 20 $2.8 million dollar supercar, did you? Well now you get the see the real deal.

Although Lamborghini intended the Sesto Elemento as a track-only car, we’re not surprised to see some oil baron from the Middle East with far too much money for his own good unleashing it on the streets. We don’t fault him one bit though, what’s the point of buying toys if you don’t play with them. Warning, the sounds in this video may cause an eargasm so turn up your volume.

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