There are a lot of places that could be argued as the ultimate paradise for a moto enthusiast. But none of them can compete with the gearhead mecca that’s being built roughly 60 miles west of Las Vegas. It’s called the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, and while technically it was founded back in 2004, it’s in the process of getting a major upgrade that’ll make it the new ultimate paradise.

The brainchild of this incredible place located out in the middle of nowhere is John Morris, the billionaire entrepreneur that founded Bass Pro Shops back in the early 70s. When Morris acquired the property in 2004, the original plan was to create a place where he and his friends could go play with their expensive supercars. But as word got out, more and more people wanted to come out and enjoy the 2.2-mile track. Morris soon realized that he could start charging people for the experience and turn another passion into a business.

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As time went on, Morris added a few things here and there like garages, a clubhouse, and a pool. And when he got tired of staying in a local hotel he added an apartment so he had somewhere nice to lay his head. And yet again, when other people saw his new apartment they wanted one as well, and the next thing you know 42 condos pop up. Morris enjoyed his new community so much that he started spending a lot of time out there, and at that point a condo would no longer suffice so he built himself a 5,000 sq.ft luxury home. Long story short, this small community has continued to flourish and is now a full-service paradise that employs 126 people and has an annual income of approximately $30 million.

The track has now been expanded to a total of 6.1 miles and it has a long list of amenities. On the property there are multiple high-end driving schools, such as the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, as well as schools for Corvette, Cadillac and even Radical. But as I mentioned before, it’s getting a major upgrade and when you hear the final plans you’ll quickly understand why I’m holding it in such high regard.

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Most importantly, the track is going to be extended to a total of 15 miles, which would make it the longest track in the world surpassing the Nurburgring, which currently holds the record at 13.1 miles. This massive track will have all the twists and turns a supercar lover could ask for. Apparently, two of the wealthiest members of the resort talked Morris into building a 6,000 foot straightaway that could double as a runway to land their private jets. How cool is that? Especially because that means there’s going to be a mile long stretch of perfect tarmac to hold supercar drag races on. We can’t wait.

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Hold on though, it gets better. Not only will there be a massive road track, but for the offroad enthusiasts a 6-mile desert course for Pre-Runners, Trophy Trucks, ATV’s and motorcycles is being constructed. It’s also said to have a track for high-performance go-carts and possibly a motocross track as well. It’s all starting to make sense with the whole “paradise” thing now, isn’t it?

To make it fun for the whole family, Morris is thinking about the non-moto enthusiasts in the family as well. He plans on building a bunch of other great amenities, like a movie theater, shopping, coffee shop, restaurants, hotels, indoor shooting range, car wash, and just about anything else you can think of that would be in an actual city. There’s even a man made lake that apparently holds 18 million gallons of crystal clear water that you can go out paddle boarding or swimming at any given time. If you’re really daring, you can try Morris’ water-powered jet-packs. That’s right, I said jet packs!

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If this all sounds too good to be true for the non-elite, that’s because it is. If you’ll notice I used the word “members” throughout the article. This paradise will not be open to the public with exception of the driving schools. And as you’ve probably guessed, this level of awesomeness doesn’t come cheap. Members will pay $45,000 to join with annual dues of $5,000. And that’s just to become a member and doesn’t include lodging or garage space. But that’s not stopping people from lining up to be a part of this amazing place. One member apparently came in and bought a house plus a total of 8 cars just for the place.

If everything goes according to plan, Morris says they will be incorporating the area as a city with the state of Nevada in just two short years. Some residents are calling for the name of the city be Morrisville, but Morris has a much better idea and that’s “Race Town, Nevada.” And if you ask us, that does have a nice ring to it.

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