As a kid growing up it was always fascinating to look through the Guinness Book of World Records, mostly because of the random records you would find inside. If you’ve ever looked through one then you’ll know exactly what I’m referring too. That picture of the world’s longest fingernails is burned into my retinas forever. There are quite a few records now involving cars, trucks, and all sorts of other vehicles doing the most bizarre and random things.

Over the past year, we’ve brought you a few of these random records such as the world’s fastest monowheel, fastest driving of a car on two wheels, and even more bizarre, the world’s largest flag pulled behind a truck. We now have another record to add to the list and that’s the Worlds Largest Tire Mark. What is that you might ask? I know I thought it meant tire marks from long burnout, or “eleven’s” as it’s referred to in some circles. But apparently, it’s a little bit more than that.

Aljazirah Vehicles Agencies and Aljazirah Ford Racing out of Saudi Arabia grabbed two of their drivers and went out and smashed the previous record. They did this using two of their Mustang RTR’s that of course have been heavily modified. What first appears to be a couple of muscle cars hooning around in an open parking lot was actually a choreographed display of car control and tire smoke. The previous record was measured at 500 square meters, but when the Mustangs finished the image they created was almost twice that size measuring in at 883.98 square meters.

The image they created was the Breast Cancer ribbon because they wanted to bring awareness to the worthwhile cause. What better way to do this then using two high horsepower muscle cars that have been fitted with special tires that not only leave thick black marks, but they also produced pink smoke so it must’ve been quite the site to behold.


Photo: carbuzz
Photo: carbuzz

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