Travis Pastrana is one of the most popular and well-rounded action sports athletes in the world. He’s competed in everything from rally racing to NASCAR and everything in between. But his true love is his first love, and that’s the good old dirt bike. Travis was a prodigy at a young age and quickly got into racing where he had a fairly successful career. However, he really blew up when he started doing massive jumps and all sorts of crazy tricks.

Over his long career, Travis has been the front runner of quite a few ridiculously difficult tricks in the sport of Freestyle Motocross. One of the most significant was when he pulled the first double backflip in 2006, which shocked everyone in the action sports world. It was one of those things that you had to believe in order to see. Even though he didn’t land it, Travis was also the first one to attempt a single backflip back in the year 2000 when he was just 16 years old.

Apparently Travis hasn’t lost that desire to push the boundaries of what can be done on a motorcycle, even though he probably has more broken bones and injuries than he can count. He still has the ability to go big, and by big I mean “pinned 3rd gear on a RM250” big, which if you’ve ever ridden a two stroke 250 you know that’s going pretty damn fast to hit a jump. However, when you’re pulling a new trick where the first time you attempt it resulted with a broken tibia and fibula, you want to give yourself as much time in the air as possible to pull it off. That trick is the front flip superman indian air and just like the name implies, there’s a lot going on. Travis landed the crazy trick at his home in front of a handful of friends, but of course, there was a camera rolling so we all get to see a true professional do his thing.

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