Australian racing driver Mark Webber recently retired after a long and decorated career in motorsports. He started racing four-wheel in 1991 and from there he went through the ranks of open-wheel racing. Eventually, he not only made it to the highest level of Formula One, but after retiring in 2013 he signed on with Porsche to run their LMP1 car in the World Endurance Championship(WEC) including races such as the famous 24hr of LeMans. He did quite well for team Porsche in the three years he raced for them including picking up the championship in 2015 with fellow team members Brenden Hartley and Timo Bernhard. Webber developed a great relationship with the brilliant minds at Stuttgart and now he’s going to play a part in the production of Porsche’s track focused street cars.

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He was already the brand ambassador, but now he’ll have a say in the making cars like the 911 GT3 even better than what they are. As a Porsche enthusiast, this is great news, there is a lot of feedback that a driver with that skill level can provide engineers to help fix or change even the smallest little thing that most people would never pick up on. Those small things add up and you end up with a masterpiece like the all new 911 GT2 RS. That’s right, the current hot topic in the super sports car world is the 700hp GT2 RS and that happens to be Webber’s first taste in the road car development process.

When asked about his new role within the company, Webber said: “It was fun, really enjoyable and very different to racing.” And how could it not be, talk about the having one of the coolest jobs in the world. You go from racing the juggernaut that is the 919 Hybrid, to having your name associated with a car like the GT2 RS, which means he probably got to drive the hell out of it for testing purposes. Webber also told reporters “We’re very happy with the finished product” which has been the common response from everyone that’s reported on the limited edition model.

If the GT2 RS gives us a glimpse into the future of what Mark Webber a Porsche will be bringing to the market we could be seeing some truly remarkable cars coming down the pipeline. Needless to say, its a great time to be a Porsche enthusiast. And who knows maybe we eventually see a track focused 918 Spyder similar to the P1 GTR and FXX K.

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