When talking about supercars it’s easy to get lost in the constantly changing sea of names. But there have been two names that have sat well atop of the heap, Ferrari and Lamborghini.


While Ferrari has had a well-documented story to its name, Lamborghini has one that blows it out of the water. Starting with the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, the Italian marque was destined for a life of wild design. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the home of the raging bull. The company has seen more than it’s fair share of ups and downs throughout the years and is now firmly back on the upswing.


If you have wanted to learn the history of the Lamborghini brand, but are short on time, Donut Media has you covered. Their brilliant ‘Up To Speed’ Series is back with another installment, this time giving a thorough albeit brief history lesson of one of our favorite Italian brands. They cover everything from Mr. Lamborghini’s humble beginnings, all the way to the modern-day Volkswagen owned Lambo’s we know and love. Only real question is, why the hell is there a Mustang in the background? I mean, they couldn’t pull some strings and get a Lambo in the picture, not even your cookie cutter Gallardo? For shame.

Even still the video is immensely entertaining, like every other one in the series. That being said, VIEWERS BEWARE, the intro of this video will blow out your eardrums if you have headphones in. Ask me how I know….

And since I know you enjoyed that, here’s a bonus video of a Lambo, a lady, and some awesome handbrake stunts. Nice.

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