It’s amazing to think that the Enzo was created 15 years ago. That just doesn’t seem possible, and yet it is a reality. Even more amazing is that it has taken that long for us to see the Enzo appear on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

The Enzo, named after the great Enzo Ferrari, was meant to be a tribute to his great legacy. At the time it was a controversial supercar. While the technology used in the Enzo was without a doubt impressive, the styling had some on the fence. Was it truly good enough to bear the ‘Enzo’ name? I’ll be honest with you, I was never a real fan. I felt like it was a ploy to stay current, something Ferrari should never have to do, and something Enzo would refuse to do. So it was a bitter sweet feat of engineering. And now, 15 years later, I have a much deeper appreciation for what the Enzo is.

Like it or not, the Enzo was the pinnacle of ‘old tech.’ It was ground breaking in design and now almost every component is considered normal. Things like carbon brakes and paddle shift gearboxes have become so common, it takes away from how impressive the Enzo truly was. Even more so than all the components was the engine; a proper 6-liter V12 powered this monster, something we will likely never see again.

Between forced induction and hybrid tech we are setting off into a new world, one that is astoundingly different from the past. Cars like the AMG Project One are on their way, taking Hypercars as we know them to an all new level. While it makes the Enzo look extremely dated in the process, it manages to make you appreciate it more at the same time. Because of this car the entire industry had to revolutionize the way it works, just to improve it. That is a feat that should not go unnoticed. Jay finally takes us on an in-depth tour of an incredibly pristine 2003 Enzo. Watch, Enjoy, repeat.

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