E92 M3 Photo: bmwblog
E92 M3
Photo: bmwblog

There are so many different ways to customize your car to make it unique and standout from every other car on the road. One of the beauties of the car world is that you can take even the most mundane looking car and turn it into a masterpiece with the proper materials and craftsmanship. But what do you do if you the car you have is already a masterpiece? Say for example you just dropped $400,000 on a brand new Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458, or something of that caliber and you don’t want it to look like every other Ferrari and Lambo on the road. What are you supposed to do? Other than basic things like new wheels, paint, maybe a wrap, you really shouldn’t be doing anything to a car of that caliber right? Of course you can always do engine mods and such to make the car faster, but as far as cosmetically that is about it, right?

BMW M4 Photo: mb-design
Photo: mb-design
Ferrari 458 Photo: hdcarwallpaper
Ferrari 458
Photo: hdcarwallpaper

In most circumstances that is absolutely the case, but believe it or not there are now speed shops out there that are actually doing body modifications on something as pristine as an Aventador and the end result looks sexy yet mean as hell. It’s a wide body kit that makes the stance of the car look somehow better than it does when it rolls off the factory floor. One company that is leading the way with these incredibly good looking body kits for high end cars is Liberty Walk, based out of Japan but also has a headquarters in California. What started as a used car lot only big enough to have three cars has grown into one of the most respected high end vehicle performance shops in the world and when you see the quality of their work, you can easily see why. But with that level of vehicle and the level of craftsmanship required to work on these exotic cars, you better expect to open up your wallet. The full wide body kit on the Aventador or the 458 will set you back about $30,000-$38,000. On some of the less expensive cars, like a GTR or an M4, it will “only” cost you between $12-15,000. If you ask us, that’s money well spent because that wide body M4 is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen. There are a few that we’ve seen that go a little far on the “toe out” look where its so low that they have to tilt the wheels and that just makes it look ridiculous. So take a minute, sit back and checkout out some of these beautiful machines.


Dodge Challenger Photo: dubmagazine
Dodge Challenger
Photo: dubmagazine
maybe a little much on the rear wheels? Photo: hdwallpapers
maybe a little much on the rear wheels?
Photo: hdwallpapers
Nissan GTR Photo: teamspeed
Nissan GTR
Photo: teamspeed

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  1. That is the ugliest body kits ever. The best body kits look like they came from the factory. Look at the Shelby gt500 super snake. Or the c7 wide body by TOPO. These are just fender slap ons and the worst part about it is you want lots of money for these fender slap ons. Wow, the new culture sure loves ugly.

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