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What do you get when you take some of the most talented riders and drivers, over 2500Hp worth of trophy trucks, multiple dirtbikes, street bikes and snowmobiles of all things out to one of the top rated recreational sand dune spots in the country, Glamis in California? Oh, and did I forget to mention the beautiful women and that it was set up by the guys and Monster and Dirt Shark? Well, you get this amazing film called The Doonies. They have actually released 2 of them, the first being back about a year ago.

Well, earlier this week they released the new Doonies 2 and they stepped up the cinematography big time shooting the whole thing in 4k as well as stepping up the jumps, adding in snowmobiles and street bikes. they brought back most of the cast for lack of better words from the original film including championship trophy truck drivers BJ Baldwin and Kyle Leduc as well as motocross stars Jeremy Mcgrath, Josh Hill and Twitch, and last but surely not lease the absolutely gorgeous Dianna Dahlgren.

If you have never experienced sand dunes on a dirt bike there are very few words that can describe it. You’re literally looking at mountains of sand that are a lot steeper then you would think they would be and when you’re on a bike in the sand going downhill you have to accelerate to keep the front tire from digging into the ground and flipping you over the handlebars. There are hundreds of different jump spots and hill climbs and unless you are an experienced rider you can get yourself into trouble real quick like.

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Even the best in the business sometimes push the boundary just a little too far and there is one guy that comes to mind when I think of that and that’s none other than Seth Enslow. Seth is almost like e modern day Evel Knievel type guy so you can imagine how stoked I was to see Seth show up in Doonies 2. Now in case you haven’t heard of Seth, I looked up a couple of his classics. Enjoy the madness that is Seth Enslow


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