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Maybe you’ve seen the new show Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Network but in case you haven’t its a show based off the guys that run Diesel Sellerz and Sparks Automotive out in Northern Utah and these guys don’t play around when it comes to building aftermarket trucks. The specialize in diesel obviously but they take things a step further with things like stretching the truck into 6 door masterpieces and adding military grade axles, wheels and 46 inch tires to handle the incredible torque that comes from the heavily modified diesel engines.

mega ram

heavy d

Dave “Heavy D” Sparks is the brainchild behind some of these genius builds. One of them has been turned into the ‘mascot’ I guess you could say of the shop and the show and that’s Heavy D’s personal truck and masterpiece The Mega Ram Runner. This thing is a beast. Weighing in at over 14,000lbs its double the weight of the normal Ram 2500 that it started as. He used axles that are rated at 9 tons and weigh in at 1,500lbs and were designed for the MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected) military vehicles that are not usually sold to the public. The truck has a fully custom 5 link suspension with FOA shocks that are used in desert racing and it has a custom ATS transmission and a transfer case from a semi truck. He took it down to the guys at Mega X 2 which specializes in stretching full size trucks and SUV’s into the 6 door beasts you see here.


Heavy D is not affraid to take the Mega Ram off road where it was built to be. Which is a good thing considering that the truck has a show build quality but he still drives it. Check out The Mega Ram being put to the test in the off road Meca, Moab Ut.


The newest build they have been working on is dubbed the ‘Super 6’ and it appears to be absolutely incredible as well. It also has the 6 doors and military axles that the Mega Ram has but this one has 6 wheels, with rear steering meaning all 6 wheels can turn! There isn’t a whole lot of information out about the details of this truck but I have a feeling there will be an upcoming episode about it on the show.

super 6

Another cool thing that these guys do is every so often they will build a crazy asss truck and then give it away, yeah you heard me they give it away. Whats brilliant about it from a business perspective is that the only way you can enter in the drawing to win the truck is by going to their website and spending at least $5. Which from a consumers persepctive that is a no brainer to go and spend $5 to be entered into a drawing that could potentially win you a truck worth at a minimum $60,000. Some of these giveaway trucks are just as bad ass as the Mega Ram and Super 6.


The F-650

us duramax

The US Duramax

Here are some more videos of the Mega Ram showing how its not just a show truck. It was built to work.

The Mega Ram Vs a Semi Truck Tug of War

Rock Crawling up Potato Salad in Moab

This is a build video


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