John Hennessey is one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to making cars that are already fast, go even faster. He also takes trucks that are badass and makes them even more badass. Take the first generation Ford Raptor for example. Straight off the showroom floor it is a badass truck, but then Hennessey got his hands on one and built the VelociRaptor. It had a supercharger with 600+hp and had been beefed up in all the right places. And now that we have a new Ford Raptor, it’s only fitting that Hennessey builds a new VelociRaptor as well.

This is where you’re secretly hoping that I’m going to say Hennessey wedged a supercharged V8 under the hood of the new Gen II, right? That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I first heard word about the new VeloicRaptor. It would be great if this mad genius had fixed the only bad part about the new Raptor. Unfortunately, as good as this speed shop in Texas is, they haven’t performed this miracle yet. Instead, it’s the same twin-turbo Ecoboost V6. Only better!

Here’s the lowdown about the new VelociRaptor. It’ll be offered with three different power options; 500hp, 600hp, as well as a 700hp option. In my opinion, the 500-600hp option is what Ford should’ve done in the first place. That would’ve helped ease the pain for many Gen-1 owners. And while it may not have “won over” all of the current V6 haters, it definitely would’ve gotten some.

The VelociRaptor shown here is the 600hp version, which also has significantly upgraded torque figures as well coming in at 622lb-ft. Some of the major upgrades in this package are a remapped ECU, Stage 1 turbo upgrade, high-flow air induction system, and a bigger intercooler. If you currently own a Gen II and this sounds like the perfect upgrade for you, it’ll cost you $22,500.

If you’re the type of person that lives by the motto of “go big or go home,” there’s a big and better package for you too. To get that extra 100hp, it’ll cost you $49,500. That includes basically everything from the 600hp package only with a Stage 2 turbo kit, twin blow-off valves, stainless steel turbo manifolds and wastegates, and an even better intercooler. Both packages get a new catback stainless steel exhaust system that’s technically supposed to improve the (cough, horrible) sound that comes from the V6. But again, they are not miracle workers and there’s only so much that can be done.

The guys at Hennessey Performance are also offering two different offroad packages for the Raptor. The first option will cost you $12,950, and it’ll come with a three-inch lift, 35-inch Toyo tires, signature front and rear bumpers, 20-inch wheels, and LED lights and light bar. The Velociraptor pictured above has the Stage 1 offroad kit on it, for example. This sounds more like a mall-crawler package to me, as 20-inch wheels aren’t exactly this best option for offroading. The Stage 2 package gets a full 8-inch lift with 37-inch tires and a completely revised suspension system. I’m not sure what that new suspension system entails, but I’m sure whatever it is it’s gotta be good or Hennessey wouldn’t put his name on it. To get the stage two you need to cough up another ten grand on top of what you paid for the Stage 1.

I know Raptor enthusiasts are extremely passionate so tell me what you think about the whole thing below in the comment section below.

Photo: Hennesseyperformance

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