The Audi R8 V10 Plus is a supercar that was built to be a daily driver, as well as being one of the fastest cars on the road today. And because of the all wheel drive, it’s especially good for those that live in places that experience snow or other extreme forms of weather. We know the 610hp R8 V10 Plus can compete with the best of them as it pulled a major upset in the Worlds Greatest Drag Race 6, where it beat the GTR and other top contenders. And now the popular Audi tuning firm MTM has raised the bar even higher with the R8 V10 Plus Supercharged.

Obviously, the biggest and most prominent upgrade to the MTM R8 is the fact that it has a supercharger. Specifically, it’s a screw-type Eaton TVS23000 that’s been added to the already potent 5.2L V10. That adds nearly 200hp and brings the total up to 802 neck-snapping horsepower. The Quattro all wheel drive system will allow you to hook up on almost any surface and provide lightning quick acceleration.

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The standard V10 Plus can rip from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. The MTM tuned version takes another tick off that time for 2.6 0-60 time. Even though it’s just a tenth of a second and that may not sound like much, shaving anything when you’re in this time range is damn impressive. If you keep your foot on the floor you’ll hit 124mph in an estimated 8.5 seconds, while not as quick as the new McLaren 720S, it’s still an extremely fast time. Top speed is estimated to be around 205mph so it’s not the fastest car on paper as far as numbers go, but I think there are very few cars on the market that would be able to keep up with the MTM R8 V10 Plus Supercharged when it comes to everyday useable speed. Especially when there’s not ideal traction.

All of the styling upgrades on the MTM are on the exterior of the car. When asked why they didn’t focus at all on the interior, MTM said it was already gorgeous so why mess with it. I have to agree with them, Audi already does a fantastic job with their interiors. Exterior upgrades include a new set of MTM Bimoto 20 inch rims and super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. To improve the handling and ride quality, they installed a set of MTM springs and magnetic ride shock absorbers. It also has a new MTM Carbon aerodynamic package that has all sorts of flaps and wings to help direct air to all the right places. All that working in unison should help keep you planted when screaming around corners, which is a really good thing when you have 802hp that’s pushing both your body and driving skills to the limits.

Photo: Caricos

If you happen to own an R8 V10 Plus and would like MTM to work their magic, it’ll cost you just over $50,000. But if you want to purchase the entire car from them you better expect to pay just over $240,000, which is still less than other cars in its class.

Photo: Caricos

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