The G-Wagon is the only real offroad capable vehicle in the vast lineup of vehicles Mercedes has to offer, with the 4×4² that debuted back in 2015 being the ultimate offroad version of the G Wagon. It has portal axles with front, rear and center locking differentials that help it crawl up and over whatever obstacles it comes across. And just when you thought the G Wagon couldn’t get any better, well-known aftermarket tuner, Brabus, steps in to work their magic and out comes the G550 Adventure 4×4², and it’s even better than expected.

Brabus is a very popular tuning firm that specializes in making Mercedes-Benz vehicles even more badass than when they left the factory floor. And what they’ve done with the Adventure 4×4² is nothing short of extraordinary. They didn’t just add some fancy badging and cosmetic upgrades here and there. They went right for the good stuff, tuning the motor and suspension as well as increasing the aesthetic appeal of this offroad beast.

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The original 4×4² is well equipped in the power category thanks to a 4.0L twin turbo V8 that produced 415hp and 450lb-ft of torque. However, that’s the first thing Brabus aimed to improve upon. They added a bigger twin turbo system and a few other small upgrades that translates into a big increase in performance. That same V8 now puts out 542hp and the torque figures jumped up more than 140lb-ft, bringing the total to a frame twisting 590lb-ft. According to Brabus that should equate to a 0-60 time of 6.7 seconds which is likely a conservative estimate.

To improve upon the already capable suspension system, Brabus used a custom built system that can be adjusted electronically depending on the terrain you’re on. Apparently it will have multiple different settings such as offroad, comfort, and sport. You also have the ability to adjust individual damper settings at both the front and rear wheels independently. All of which can be done from the comfort of the driver’s seat via the touchscreen mounted on the center console.

Brabus didn’t overlook the interior of the Adventure 4×4² either. It’s a Mercedes so it was already at a luxury level, but Brabus upgraded the overall look by using “Mastic” leather and aluminum accents in all the right places to provide a refined and sophisticated look. Not something you’d expect to see in a vehicle that was designed for offroad use. But let’s point out the obvious here, very few G Wagons make it out to their natural habitat. And I’d be willing to bet the numbers are even less for those that own a Brabus-tuned version, which is a crying shame.

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Brabus fitted the exterior with all sorts of offroad oriented goodies that would come in handy if the vehicle was ever used as intended. Some of those upgrades include beefed up front and rear bumpers with a massive winch in the front, brush guards, underride guards, and a lighting system that looks capable of turning night into day. They even installed fancy wire mesh guards over the headlights to protect the upgraded Brabus Xenons. I can’t imagine how you would use it while attending local country club functions, but they installed a feature they call the “black-out switch.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, a switch that will kill all the lights front and rear for those times that you’re trying to sneak up on someone.

The pricing for this luxurious offroad beast hasn’t been released yet. However, Brabus did mention that they would not only be selling turn-key versions of the Adventure 4×4², but could also upgrade an existing 4×4² with the Adventure package too. Considering the stock 4×4² had a price tag around $125,000 It’s safe to say the Brabus Adventure package won’t come cheap.

Photo: Road & Track and Truck Yeah

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