Well, the first Battle Broyale is in the books and we’ve gotta say it left us wanting more. It wasn’t quite as good as we’d hoped it would be, but it also wasn’t as bad as it maybe could’ve been either. Really the only negative thing we have to say is that we were hoping it would be much more of a direct competition between the two teams. While they still technically raced against each other, it appeared as if it was somewhat staged with multiple shots.

But really that doesn’t matter because it was still a badass video that will surely get millions of hits and bring all sorts of attention to the Hoonigan website and that’s really the point right? I mean even though most people think otherwise, the Gymkhana videos that Block is famous for aren’t shot with multiple takes. We are huge fans of Block and Baldwin so really anything they do will have our stamp of approval. So when we say we were left wanting more, we just wanted more of it and maybe more extreme.

One thing is for sure, those Maverick X3 RS’s look like they are a beast of a machine. We couldn’t tell if they were bone stock, or if they had been modified, but we’re assuming they had to of had a little bit of work done. If that was shot with stock machines I’m going to be thoroughly impressed.

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