We attended the 2016 Texas Raptor Run this past weekend and man, what a great event! Ford Raptor owners from all over the country drove out to a 5,000 acre ranch in the middle of nowhere West Texas for a weekend of fun with their trucks and fellow owners. On the ranch there is a 42 mile course that was designed to test trophy trucks, but for this weekend Raptors owners are allowed to take their trucks out and run them as hard as they want. Some run harder than others but that isn’t the point. It’s not a race, matter of fact there are actually very strict rules about not doing any sort of racing. It’s a perfect opportunity for a bunch of like minded people to get together and talk about their trucks, see other’s builds, and most importantly actually get to drive their Raptors pretty hard. We are working on a full video and I’ll do a full write up of then event when we get that finished, but in the meantime we did get a little teaser video put together that I wanted to share. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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