We’ve seen the Tesla Model S spank a fair amount of a gas-burning cars on public roads and drag strips. The most famous was when the EV completely embarrassed a poor Dodge Challenger Hellcat, mostly because the other driver choked. But this time we get to see a more even comparison.

A husband and wife decided to take each other on, thanks to Drag Times. The husband used his Model S, while the wife climbed behind the wheel of her Model X. Both are P90D models with the famous Ludicrous mode.

It’s not a completely fair comparison, considering that one vehicle weighs more and has a higher profile, but it certainly is an interesting matchup. The husband is an experienced drag racer, while the wife had never driven on a slick track in her life.

Needless to say, it was one of the quietest quarter mile smackdowns ever. The first time out, the wife red lights it, a common rookie drag racing mistake. The second time, the husband wasn’t ready, but his wife went anyway. What was impressive about that run, was that the inexperienced racer set a record for the quickest production SUV/CUV quarter mile at 11.61 seconds at 116 mph. On top of that, the Model X went from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, besting Tesla’s claimed time by 0.1 second.

Finally, the two EVs started at the same time, giving us a fair comparison of their acceleration. Not surprisingly, the superior aerodynamics and lower curb weight for the Model S give it the edge, and the sedan wins by .19 seconds.

Drag Times said it thought the Model X was actually putting out more power than the Model S. That’s weird, because the two have the exact same powertrain. The SUV also burned through more electricity during the runs, which surprised nobody.

Even though the Model S was victorious, the Model X still proved it can outrun quite a few performance cars that weigh less. That’s quite the accomplishment, considering it can haul the kids to soccer practice, too.

Check out the video for yourself:

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