The Mercedes Benz CLK GTR is a true legend in the world of motorsports. It’s a car that won every single race in the 1998 racing season, including the championship. That kind of pedigree and heritage is something that race teams strive for, and sometimes it can take many years to achieve. But somehow, the mad scientists at AMG managed to take the CLK GTR from a sketch on paper and turn it into a full blown race car in just 128 days.

It started in 1996 in preparation for the 1997 season and at the time the team expected they would need a season to “work the kinks out.” But much to the surprise of the Mercedes Benz crew, the CLK GTR was dominant right out of the gate. It stunned the naysayers, as well as competitors when it went out and secured the pole position in its debut race. Then after a few tweaks to the aerodynamics and a new V8 engine, the CLK GTR went out and crushed the competition during the 1998 season, which is really saying something considering some of the cars it battled against also included the legendary McLaren F1 GTR.

We recently spoke of the CLK GTR in great detail, and how you can buy up nowadays for a cool $2.7 million. It truly is a magnificent car, so when this short documentary surfaced explaining the background of the car and how it was created in such a short time period, I knew I knew it was something that needed to be shared. So take a few minutes and learn the history of one of the most iconic racing cars in motorsports.

Photo: drivetribe
Photo: benzspirit

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