Driving in the winter is one of those experiences that you either absolutely love or hate. More times than not, if you’re a supercar owner you definitely lean towards the latter because most supercars are completely worthless in the snow. That means they’re most likely sitting in a garage under a car cover during those months. However, there are a few supercars out there that do quite well in the snowy conditions thanks to an all-wheel drive setup.

One of the most well known is, of course, Lamborghini because all of its models come standard with an AWD system that’s been sourced from Audi, so you know it’s a good one. To showcase their car’s capabilities in the icy conditions, Lamborghini has an annual gathering where they bring instructors out to teach people how to properly handle these beasts in winter conditions. They call it the Lamborghini Winter Accademia and this time it was held in the gorgeous Italian Alps near the town of Livigno. This event allows attendees to drive either the Huracan or the Aventador out on a course that’s designed to push the limits of both car and driver. Even with a sophisticated AWD system, trying to wrangle in (at minimum 610hp in the Huracan and 700hp in the Aventador) these beasts must be one of the most exhilarating experiences.

Photo: lamborghini
Photo: lamborghini

As you can probably imagine already, this type of fun doesn’t come cheap, and there’s both good and bad news regarding that. The good news is, unlike similar driving experiences offered by other manufacturers you don’t have to own a Lambo to attend these events. However, the bad news is, like similar experiences you can expect to pay as much as $15,000 per person for the two-day course. There was an option for a single day course also but it’s likely to be ridiculously priced as well. At first, I wondered why they’d charge so much for something like this, but when you think about it would you want a bunch of strangers driving your $200,000-$400,000 supercars in the snow and not charge them an arm and a leg? The 2017 event is scheduled to kick off February 9th and runs clear until the 21st so if that sounds like a good way to spend a weekend be sure to sign up quick because spots are filling up fast.


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