The words “supercar” and “camping” are two words that usually don’t occupy the same sentence. But why is that? Is it because most supercars are going to cost at least $200,000 or more? Or is it because supercars are extremely low to the ground and therefore offer almost zero ground clearance? Well, whatever the reason why you shouldn’t do it, Mike and Zac from GNARPM are going to show you not only how, but why you should take a supercar camping at least once in your life.

Somehow, these guys convinced McLaren of Beverly Hills to let them get their hands on two brand new McLaren 570GTs for this one of a kind adventure. Granted, it’ll obviously be some great publicity assuming it works and the cars aren’t destroyed. But that’s a rather large gamble considering there is almost a half a million dollars worth of supercars that’ll be smashing along gravel roads to Long Pine, California, located in the Eastern Sierra mountain range.

I assume most of us have driven on these back country gravel roads so you already know how fun it is. Sliding around corners, spitting out rooster tails, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. However, when we’ve done it it’s usually in an old pickup truck or some beater car that you have absolutely no worries of causing damage to. We may have dreamed of doing something like this in a supercar, but never in a million years would you ever expect to actually do it. That is unless you win the lottery and have more money, and sense than you know what to do with.

As crazy and ridiculous as it might be, these guys did it, and more importantly, the cars did it. If you ever had any doubt about the resilience and built quality of a McLaren, seeing the abuse these 570GTs endured should immediately clear that up for you. Not only did they survive the brutal offroad trip, you could almost argue that they thrived on it. I say that because even though the cars were technically on loan from the Beverly Hills dealership, Mike and Zac didn’t baby them. They still drove them like the supercars they are, and with exception of desperately needing a thorough detail, they came out unscathed.

Bravo Mike and Zac from GNARPM, way to come up with a wild and crazy idea, make it happen, and then film the entire thing so that the rest of us can live vicariously through you, at least until we get a chance to experience it for ourselves.

All photos: Youtube

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