Last week, two Dodge drivers were allegedly racing in Southern California, triggering a huge wreck that claimed several lives. The aftermath looked horrific, and sadly the whole thing was completely avoidable. After all, there are an abundance of racetracks in California, but street racing has thrived there for some time.

No matter how many people say it can be safe, street racing can turn tragic in a moment. Racing by nature is dangerous, but when you add in numerous other cars that don’t know they’re in the middle of a competition, the risks only go up. On top of that, you don’t have huge semi-trucks on racetracks, and for good reason.

That’s exactly what happened. Media in Southern California say that one guy behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger (hard to tell what model since the damage on it is way too severe) was driving on I-5, an extremely crowded and popular highway.

While passing through Commerce, which is just south of Los Angeles, he reportedly came across another guy in a Dodge Charger. Witnesses say that’s when the two cars started racing, weaving through the dense traffic to get ahead of each other.

The guy in the Challenger lost control, slammed into a UPS semi-truck. Believe it or not, the force of the impact was so bad it made the big rig blip over the center divider and fall into oncoming traffic. It ripped off the top of a Nissan, killing two teenagers who were inside. Two other people were in the car, and one is in a coma while the other is in critical condition.

After that, the truck landed on a Ford Explorer. Then the UPS truck exploded. The driver of the semi-truck was killed, and two other people (presumably in the Ford) were critically hurt.

Apart from the loss of life, I-5 near Commerce was shut down for a good portion of the day while crews cleaned up the mess.

The driver of the Charger got away, and apparently nobody had a dash cam to record his license plate. There’s a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. As for the guy driving the Challenger, Dealio Lockhart, he’s in jail and is facing multiple criminal charges, including triple homicide and four counts of reckless driving on a highway. The judge set his bail at $6.2 million.

Lockhart is 35 years old, not a teenage kid. He should have known better and no he has to live with the fact that his stupidity killed three people, which may become seven in the near future. Of course, Lockhart might also be spending the rest of his days in prison. The lesson here is to keep the racing to tracks, or at least don’t race on crowded highways.


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