SST is back for the 2017 season, ringing in a new year with the same action-packed insanity they call racing. We have covered Stadium Super Trucks in the past, so if you are not familiar with the series feel free to check out all the details right here.

The 2017 SST season kicked off down under in Adelaide, Australia at the annual Clipsal 500 event, sharing the streets of Adelaide with the Australian Supercar series. While SST is always an exciting series, it seems to get even better when they run on asphalt. The Clipsal event showcases the madness perfectly with its exaggerated rumble strips, tight city streets, and well-placed jumps. The racing was absolutely sublime, with an extremely competitive field of racers. One of the other things that make SST so fun to watch on asphalt is the way the trucks power out of corners. With over 600-hp on tap and long travel suspension, the trucks struggle to keep the front tires on the ground while making the rounds of this extremely tight circuit, often railing a corner with the inside front wheel flying off the ground. The flying tire lets out a poof of smoke when connecting with the pavement again as the trucks approach a tight braking section, showing how much force the truck is producing to slow down.

The jumps are arguably the most eye-catching part of SST, showcasing what these trucks and drivers are capable of doing lap after lap. It’s almost mind boggling how well the suspension is dialed on these rigs, soaking up a huge 15ft jump like its speed bump; with perfect rebound they don’t even bounce, returning directly to race height, ready for the next jump or a hard braking section. It can be absolutely mesmerizing to watch. In my opinion SST on asphalt is one of the most exciting types of racing you can possibly hope to watch, taking all the best elements and balling them into one wicked series. Watch the last 3 laps of this race and see if you don’t agree.

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