We’ve all been there. You’re several hours deep into a project car(or bike) with no end in sight. You’re content with working well into the night on your beloved pile of parts, but there is one glaring problem. You’re fading fast. What you need is espresso and lots of it. Because of this, the Kees Van Der Westen Speedster espresso machine should be mandatory in every hardcore enthusiasts garage for more than one reason.

Not only will the Speedster keep you well-caffeinated until race weekend, it also looks the part. The stainless steel construction will fit in well with the rest of your tool collection, as well as keep it durable. The Speedster is hand built in the Netherlands, meaning it’s going to easily outlive anything else in your garage. The theme of the speedster lies somewhere between vintage hotrod and modern-day restomod. It features what looks like mini Autometer gauges, as well as controls worthy of any SEMA build. From there the Speedster has nearly infinite final forms, with an options list that can make your head spin. Kees Van Der Westen has done everything from polished steel, to woodgrain, even featuring one that was extremely relic’d, to give it that worn in approach. It’s the perfect addition to any garage if you have the coin. At $13,000 USD it’s hard to believe who can buy one of these things. I’ll just add it to the list for my dream garage.


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