The Shelby GT350R is what track enthusiasts have always looked for in a Mustang. Well almost. While it does pretty much everything you could possibly want it does so with a substantial weight penalty. So if that 3,700lbs of awesome is just too heavy for you, SpeedKore is here to put your Pony on a massive diet.

So how does SpeedKore plan on saving you massive quantities of weight? It’s a simple two step process. First, they lighten your wallet. Then they replace the entire steel body with aerospace quality carbon fiber. This nets the SpeedKore GT350R a weight saving around 500lbs. At 70,000 dollars to do the conversion you are effectively doubling your investment. And while that is steep it does have some serious benefits along side those massive weight savings.

First is the fact that the carbon fiber replacement is actually reinforced, making it stronger than the factory body. This gives the Carbon GT350R more rigidity, allowing for much better handling. It’s also explained in the video that the new body is better dampened than steel, allowing for less resonating sound. It appears that SpeedKore takes this task very seriously, setting very strict tolerances so their body rivals that of the factory fit and finish.

So is a full carbon bodywork the best move for your GT350R? Possibly. I’d like to first note that I’m not discounting SpeedKores bodywork. When it comes to quality, SpeedKores bodywork is worth every single penny. But, you are paying $140 per pound of weight saved. That is steep no matter which way you slice it. And while 500lbs is a massive amount of weight to save, it still leaves you with a 3,200lb curb weight. While most figures suggest that in this weight category every 100lbs saved is the equivalent of 10-horsepower. Yikes. If that’s the case you are looking at dropping a lot of money for a 50-horsepower sensation. Hell you could get that with Hennessey’s HPE575 package and save yourself a solid 63,000 dollars.

Now, this is obviously an over generalization. Horsepower can only improve acceleration while saving weight will improve almost every aspect of how the car performs. In SpeedKores case the weight is not only reduced, but more centralized allowing for a much better center of gravity. This will greatly improve everything from acceleration, braking and how the car handles.

I guess my point is, if you are willing to effectively double what you paid for your GT350R to save some weight, do it right and add a little power while you’re at it. Me personally, I would use that 70-grand to stockpile tires and actual track time. But then again who says you can’t do both? After all, Jay seem’s impressed with SpeedKores GT, and that’s coming from a man who knows a thing or two about cars. Check out the full video below.

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