There are very few trucks that can compete with Ken Block’s RaptorTrax on the badass scale. However, the GMC Sierra All Mountain 2.0 is trying pretty damn hard. It’s a promotional truck commissioned between GMC Canada and Whistler Blackcomb and as you can see this thing looks fantastic.

I should clarify that this is by no means a genuine competitor with the Raptor. Instead it’s just a variation of the slightly disappointing All Terrain X. It pains me to say that too because I personally love the GMC Sierra. It’s probably my favorite truck on the market, aside from the Raptor and until the Ram Rebel TRX becomes a reality. Nonetheless, the All Mountain 2.0 is still a badass truck. And after learning why the truck was built I think it’s even more badass.

Whistler Blackcomb commissioned the truck because they were looking for a vehicle that could take them to the top of “Flute Bowl.” Apparently, Flute is in a remote location of the resort where no ski lifts are available so the only way in or out is by making the long hike. They obviously have groomers and other ways to get there, but why do that when you can ride in one of the most comfortable and luxurious trucks on the market.

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Here’s what I know about the All Mountain 2.0. Before I get to the obvious track system upgrade, I wanted to talk about the standard parts of the truck like the powertrain. Under a brand new hood that’s not yet available to the public sits the ultra powerful 6.6L Duramax diesel. This thing is a torque monster with a staggering 910lb-ft that also puts out 445hp. Block’s Raptor might have it beat in the horsepower category with the supercharged 6.2L V8, but the torque isn’t even close. With all grunt on tap, you need a good strong transmission and you can’t find a better example than the bulletproof Allison automatics used on all Duramax motors.

In order to clear the heavy duty track system by Mattracks, the All Mountain 2.0 required a lift kit. In total with the tracks, the truck sits almost 15 inches higher than when it was stock. They used upgraded Fox Shocks just like you would see in the Raptor, although the ones in the Sierra are only 2.0’s so they’re not nearly as durable. I will give them credit for using the high-end shocks, however they should be slightly embarrassed considering the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro comes with 2.5’s.

From what I can tell that’s about where the performance upgrades stop, but there are quite a few other cosmetic upgrades that really bring the truck together. It has upgraded front and rear bumpers equipped with winches and the whole nine yards. It’s also fitted with a few different ski and snowboard racks cleverly integrated so they don’t hinder any functionality. For example, the one located in the back folds down easily to access the tailgate.

Photo: camotor1

Just in case you were out playing and loose track of time and suddenly find yourself in the dark, the All Mountain has you covered. It has an extensive lighting system that includes a few lightbars, spot lights in almost every direction, and to cap it all off a lighting system underneath that makes the whole truck glow as its smashing through the snow. Even though it’s not a genuine RaptorTrax competitor, you have to admit the All Terrain 2.0 is a badass truck.

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