We aren’t exactly sure how to explain what you’re about to see here. If you have never seen these types of videos on the internet, then we will almost guarantee the thought of “what the F*#!” will run through your head at least once. When you hear the term sidewalk skiing you probably think of old school skateboarding or something like that, at least that’s what I thought. But in the Middle East it means something else entirely. It means getting a car to flip up on two wheels and drive it as long as you can while your buddies jump out of the car and do all sorts of shenanigans while the driver tries to keep the car steady.


After simply riding outside the car up on two wheel became a little boring, they took it up a notch in the sketchy department when they started to remove the tires while still driving up on two wheels. So now you have at least 2-4 people outside the car taking the wheels off just to pose for the camera and then put them back on all before the car touches back down. See what I mean about that “WTF” thought? Now granted, it’s obvious they really aren’t going very fast when doing it but that doesn’t take anything away from how crazy this is. If I was to guess I would say no more than 20 mph or so, at least with most videos that I’ve seen. There is the occasional one that will going a little faster but more times than not that enda badly for everyone involved. And does anyone notice how it easy it is for them to get these SUV’s up on two wheels? With cars it requires a ramp, but the SUV’s require just a sharp turn to flip it up two wheels!

The car control required to maintain a steady pace on two wheels like this is pretty damn impressive. There’s such a small margin of error, leaning one inch too far in either direction or giving it a little too much throttle or not enough at anytime throughout the 4-5 min ordeal and that car come crashing down throwing everyone all over the place. So while we have to give the drivers in these videos some credit because doing such a thing is in no way an easy thing to do, as far as the maniacs that are getting out of the car and doing all these ridiculous stunts, we give them credit for having some gigantic balls of steel for even attempting these things. Either that or they’re just flat out crazy.

PHOTO: rediff
PHOTO: Reddit

Another thing you will see a lot in the Middle East is high speed drifting on public roads. They will get a car going well over 100mph then throw it sideways into a drift which usually ends in a spin out. You might want to mute your speakers because there’s is a lot of yelling going on in this video.


What do you think, is this impressive, stupid or maybe a little bit of both? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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