The McLaren P1 is one of the baddest cars on the planet, and only a small handful of cars can compete with when it comes to overall performance. A few cars that currently compare with it happen to be the other members of the Hypercar Holy Trinity, the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. However, McLaren decided to one-up themselves and created a track only variation that had more power, more downforce, less weight, and more aggressive styling. They called it the P1 GTR, and it is by far the most impressive vehicle to come out of the McLaren camp since the iconic F1 that took the world by storm back in the early 90s.

As far as a driver’s car, the P1 GTR is near perfection. If you wanted to be picky, I guess you could say that the one problem with it is that it’s a track only car and therefore can’t legally be driven on the road as well as the track. This is where the automotive geniuses at Lanzante Motorsport step in to make everything better. They are the ones responsible for creating what might be some of the most incredible street legal grocery getters on the planet. The have taken cars like the iconic F1 GTR Long Tail, that is essentially a full blown Le Mans racecar and made it legal for a quick run down to the local supermarket, while still being able to go to the track and lay down record times on the weekend..

You might remember the name Lanzante from the McLaren P1 LM that put on a dominating performance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. Not only did it set the fastest road legal time at the famous time trial event, but it actually set the 11th fastest time in the history of the event. And that includes Formula 1 cars and LMP1 racers that have competed at the event in years past. The P1 LM was built in extremely limited numbers, but essentially it was just the P1 GTR that was modified to make it street legal. And those that are lucky enough to own one of these incredible machines started to inquire as to how they could get their P1 GTR’s into Lanzante for a complete overhaul.

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The Lanzante overhaul was so popular that as of this writing, more than 50% of the P1 GTR’s that were produced have received the Lanzante Motorsports treatment. One particular example was recently delivered to McLaren of Beverly Hills and it might be the best looking one to date. It was built for one lucky customer that apparently was very involved with the entire build process from beginning to end. The owner was able to choose everything from the unique color scheme, down to the materials used for the interior, and everything in between. He ended up choosing a bright orange and black two-tone paint scheme, which interestingly is almost a direct match to the 2017 McLaren Formula One car that was just released about a month ago. Apparently this was purely coincidence, a pretty good one I might add.

This orange and black beauty has been completely reworked from top to bottom, inside and out. It actually started out as an all white model but thanks to some help from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) department, Lanzante was able to provide this particular customer with anything he could ever desire with the car. And obviously, whoever it is has incredible taste in cars.

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As with all other Lanzante built vehicles, they are fairly tight-lipped about the exact details of what it takes to convert heavily track focused cars like the P1 GTR and F1 GTR Longtail to make them street legal. But what we do know a few things. First, it’s supposed to maintain all of the performance of the track going version. It was even reported that this gorgeous black and orange example has more downforce than the “stock” P1 GTR. And the second thing we know. It is expensive, really expensive. The P1 GTR by itself was valued at nearly $2 million when it was first released, but if you managed to get ahold of one now you’d be lucky to pay less than $3 million for it. And as far as the Lanzante upgrade, no exact figures were released, but there were rumors going around that this particular orange and black model had a final tally just north of $4 million. But when a car looks that good with that level of craftsmanship and has the performance and racing heritage to back it up, I can’t imagine why anyone that has that kind of money lying around wouldn’t buy one.

Photo: carscoops

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