It boggles the mind when you think about how much time, money, and effort went into the building of this massive mud truck. Unless you live in the south, where these types of vehicles are somewhat common, this truck is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, I personally guarantee it.

To give you an idea of just how big this thing really is, they have to take the 65″ tires off, all six of them, when transporting it so they stay under the height requirements for freeway overpasses. Even as a lifelong hardcore moto enthusiast it’s difficult to wrap your head around this truck and the parts used to build it. The owner, James Fleckenstien, gives an in-depth rundown of everything that went into the truck in the video below, but there are a few that I feel the need to specifically point out.

For example, when you have six tires that are 65 inches tall you better have seriously strong axles and differentials or you will break down just trying to back off the trailer. James used 50-ton crane axles that are so big and burly that they make the Dana 44’s and 60’s look like toothpicks, so that’s probably not something he’ll need to worry about, even though the curb weight is more than 25,000lbs. Just in case your counting, that’s about the same weight of five 2017 Ford Raptors.

Photo: youtube

According to James, the engine is a 6.7L Powerstroke diesel that apparently has been fitted with every possible upgrade. He didn’t mention exactly what the power output is, but it’s gotta be a stout little bastard because he can run it up to 50-55mph without the engine breaking a sweat. Based on horsepower competitions I’ve seen in the past, I think it’s possible that this thing is putting out over 1,000hp and more than 2,000lb-ft of torque.

James proves just how powerful and strong it really is when he used it for a tug of war contest against a military “deuce and a half.” If you’ve ever seen one of these tug of war competitions before, you’ll know that very few trucks can battle the Duece when it comes to weight, strength, and pulling power. But James and his monster dually pull that thing around like it’s a Tonka Toy. At one point he just sits at idle and waits for the Duece to start pulling him back before he gives it “a little” throttle and just walks away with the win.

Photo: youtube

This truck is so tall and so wide that it takes up the entire road. To make sure he doesn’t run over things like people, cars, or hell even other mud trucks, James fitted front and rear cameras that can view from the cab at any time. Plus it has a full LED lighting system and a high powered internal and external sound system so he can turn it into a club scene with the touch of a button.

You have to respect the build quality and the passion for the sport, even if this isn’t your cup-of-tea. And while I personally wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s the “truck that broke the internet,” I will say it’s pretty impressive. What do you think?


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