If you’re like me, the title of this video alone is all you need to be hooked. We recently brought you Gordon Ramsay taking delivery of his new LaFerrari Aperta, but you really never got to see it in action other than seeing Ramsay blip the throttle as he was driving it down a back street in London. Well to see the new convertible “Ferrari the Ferrari” in action, what better person than to give it a good thrashing, or better yet a good hooning, than Sebastian Vettel? Well, it would be awesome to see someone like Ken Block get behind the wheel of one of these bad boys, but Ferrari would never let that happen. So who better to hoon the Aperta around, that Ferrari will allow, than Vettel who is the top driver for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One Team. Watch as he starts out doing some regular old city driving, but then finally gets out to the track where he can let all 950 ponies out to play.

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