If you’re not familiar with the car I’m referring to, it started out as a plain jane Toyota GT86 but then pro drifter, Ryan Tureck and his team, somehow managed to shoehorn a 4.5L V8 that once powered a Ferrari 458 Italia into the engine bay, hence the GT4586.

While it may be a full-blown drift car at heart, this bright red beast can actually be driven on the street as well. Tureck wanted to prove that fact by taking it out on a full day long adventure and film the entire thing. You can see the GT4586 drawing crowds everywhere from the coffee shop to pulling up to the parking lot at the lake. It really is an incredible and unique machine.

Considering it is Ryan Tureck that’s piloting this beast, his day wouldn’t be complete without killing at least one set of rear tires. So as a perfect end to a perfect day, he met up with a few friends at the local track and had an epic little drift session. It must have been quite a treat for the unsuspecting drivers at the track when they see not only a pro drifter show up but in a one of a kind car like the GT4586. I couldn’t help but cringe when he blew a tire there towards the end and it almost destroyed the back end of the car, but that’s common practice in the world of drift racing, so he shook it off without breaking a sweat.

Photo: twitter

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