A while back we brought you the special project that professional drifter Ryan Tuerck was working on called the “GT4586”. Calling this thing “one of a kind” is a major understatement considering he took the 562hp V8 from the Ferrari 458 and shoehorned it into the small engine bay of a Toyota GT86 to make one of the most badass drift cars ever built. But when we first learned about it the car was still in the early stages so we didn’t get to see it in action.

Photo: speedhunters
Photo: speedhunters

Well, the wait is finally over because Tuerck teamed up with Donut Media to release a video showing what appears to be a finished product. The only thing missing that we can see is the hood, but as we think about it, he might not put a hood on it so he can show off that big beautiful motor. Plus the motor looks big enough that a regular hood wouldn’t work unless it was heavily modified.

The sound this car makes is absolutely fantastic. I would almost go as far as to say that it sounds better than an actual Ferrari. But that could be the fact that my eyes see a Toyota, but my ears hear the unmistakeable sound of that naturally aspirated Ferrari V8. The sound alone is something that would make me want to drive this car, and I’ll be honest I didn’t feel that when I first learned about this build. The video is short, but you do get to see Tuerck taking it for a “spin”, literally, as he drifts around an actual Ferrari 458, which we thought was incredibly fitting.

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