A few months back there were some rumors floating around that Ford was potentially building a mid-size off-road superstar and would be calling it the Ranger Raptor. It almost sounded too good to be true, which in most cases means it was. However, it turns out miracles do happen because Ford dropped the official announcement yesterday that the Ranger Raptor is not only real but is just around the corner. And they even included a teaser of the truck in action, and even though you can’t see much, what you can see seems to be quite promising.

With this great news also comes a bit of bad news, at least for those of us living here in the States. As of writing, the Ranger Raptor will only be coming to Australia and South Africa according to the Ford South Africa. I have to assume Ford has plans to eventually bring the new truck stateside, especially where it will most likely be the new king of the mid-size off-road pickup segment right out the gate. I like to think that Ford is just testing it in different markets first so they can gauge the level of excitement and demand before bringing it home to America. Or maybe they want to work out all the kinks first. Either way, a Ranger Raptor is real.

The details at this point are few and far between. There is only speculation as to what engine will be under the hood, and what level of suspension upgrades the Ranger will get. Will it be the same Fox Racing system as its big brother that’ll provide approximately 13.5 inches? Only time will tell. But hey, at least we get a brief glimpse of the truck in action for now.

Photo: pickuptrucktalk
Photo: ford-trucks

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