The BMW M2 has surpassed even the highest expectations associated with being in the M series lineup of car. They adored by brand enthusiasts, pundits, and even anyone that’s just a fan of sports cars in general. It has a few quirks here and there, but for the most part anyone that has had any time behind the wheel thinks it’s absolutely brilliant. Some even consider it to be one of the best M car on the road today. Imagine how incredible a more powerful, track focused M2 would be, say for example an M2 CSL.

Before you go running to your local BMW dealership to buy this badass beamer, I should probably mention that this, unfortunately, is just a rendering. However, there have been rumors going around that there is a more capable and potent M2 in the works that could be here sometime between 2018-2019. These gorgeous renderings come from the mind of a French graphic artist and normally I don’t bother with these, but this one is especially eye-catching. Maybe it will provide some influence to the Germans.

Photo: BMWblog

Here’s what we do know about the hopped up M2 that BMW is currently working on. Most reports indicate that it will use a slightly detuned version of the 3.0L turbo straight-six that powers the current generation of M3/M4. It should produce at least 400hp and while the exact torque figures haven’t been released it will surely be close to the 406lb-ft that comes from the current M4. Even if that was the only upgrade, it will be significantly more appealing. But if BMW does revive the CSL name, there’s no way they would just leave it with an increase of power. They will do everything they can to improve the overall handling capabilities and make them more track focused which should turn out to be something really special.

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