It must be pretty cool growing up with your dad being a legend in the world of off-road racing, and 8-year-old Max Gordon is taking full advantage of that. Starting at an even younger age, Robby had Max piloting vehicles as a toddler that most of us only dream of driving. For example, Robby road shotgun with Max in a heavily modified Arctic Cat UTV as he competed in the Blue Water Challenge in Parker, Arizona. Even prior to that, Max was getting comfortable behind the wheel of one of the many off-road toys in his dad’s fleet. And I assure you that Robby Gordon has no shortage of badass toys in his possession. None of which more badass than his Unlimited Trophy Truck that he uses for all of the BITD and Baja races. And while Max isn’t quite ready for this beast, he’s apparently ready for the next best thing, one of his dad’s Stadium Super Trucks.

Robby Gordon is the brainchild behind the new and incredibly exciting Stadium Super Truck racing so it’s only fitting that getting behind the wheel of one is the next step for Max. If you’re familiar with SST racing, you know these trucks are no joke. They may be about the same size as a Mazda Miata, but they are basically a smaller version of the mighty unlimited trucks. Under the hood sits a 600hp LS3 V8 and while you might think the one Max is driving has been detuned to some degree, that would be wrong to do so. And that becomes pretty obvious when you see the video of Max out testing in the truck and pulling smokey drift turns.

Even though the trucks are fairly small, this particular example had to be modified so that Max could safely drive it. By that I mean it most likely required booster seats and pedal extensions. Which if you ask me makes it even more impressive that the kid needs a booster seat but yet still smashes the truck around like a pro.

Still not impressed? I also came across old video footage of Max at just 3 years old out smashing around in a mini Polaris RZR, by himself mind you, and by no means is he just putting around either. Then just a couple years later he entered his first official race using a Trophy Kart.


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