Robbie Maddison is one of those thrill seeking maniacs, like Travis Pastrana and Evil Knievel, that seems to thrive off of doing things that put him further and further at risk. Thankfully for us he films them so we can enjoy it from the comfort of our homes.

Last time Robbie Maddison made headlines he made his now famous film, Pipe Dream, which saw him flying across the waters of Teahupo’o reef break in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Because of Robbie’s brilliance he didn’t just hydroplane across the water, instead he had a custom set of skis strapped to his custom built CR500R, allowing him to literally ride across the surface of the water. His bike of choice is a fire breathing CR500R two-stroke that most likely puts out around 70hp, all delivered through a paddle tire that is typically used for the likes of sand dunes. This worked surprisingly well, allowing Robbie to pull off what a lot of folks thought to be impossible.

For Pipe Dream 2, Robbie is taking it to new heights, going after a new world record for longest distance a motorcycle has ever ridden on water. A sentence I never thought I would write. And you may be asking, ‘isn’t he the only one crazy enough to ride a dirt bike on water?’ Unfortunately, Robbie is not the only person to attempt this feat. One of Robbie’s fans related so much with Pipe Dream that he attempted and set a record of 17 miles. On water. On a motorcycle. Which is very impressive, but I say unfortunately because he would later drown while riding on water. Riding on water is no joke, there is a reason Robbie Maddison is considered a daredevil like Evil Knievel.

To honor his fallen fan, Robbie set out to do what he does best, and that is breaking obscure records in a fashion that we all love to watch. This time In Pipe Dream 2 Robbie tackles new challenges that I didn’t even know would be possible. And it’s worth noting he is now doing it on a 450 four stroke machine. Impressive doesn’t even begin to quantify what Robbie is capable of doing on a motorcycle. Although, when he does things like this it makes me wonder if he knows what Jet Skis are? Either way, this is Robbie Maddison in Pipe Dream 2.

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