Snowmobiles are incredible machines and can do things that you wouldn’t think are possible in the snow. We’ve proven that time and time again. And while they may be built to be ridden on the snow, they can technically be ridden on most types of terrain. In the Doonies films, we saw them shredding sand dunes. And we even saw one put on a dominating performance at a motorcycle hill climb competition. However, one of the most impressive, and sketchy, things you can do on a sled is ride it on the water.

It shouldn’t be possible for a 400lb machine to ride across the water. But then again it makes even less sense that a 2000+ pound Formula Offroad vehicle can do it. Both are able to “walk on water” by essentially pulling off a controlled hydroplane. The sled works perfect for that sort of thing because of the track. Snowmobiles are able to spin that track so fast that not only is it able to stay on top of the water, but the giant lugs provide forward motion. Once you’re up on the track you can steer by leaning to one side or the other.

Kalle “KJ” Johnson is a rider for team Slednecks and is constantly pushing the envelope on what can be done on a sled. Not only does he ride upstream on a flowing river, but this maniac attempts a river “step-up” by riding up a whitewater rapid section. Will Kale make it up without putting his sled in the icy cold river?

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