Leah Pritchett has been a dominating force in the high-stakes game of top fuel dragsters. We recently brought you a report about how she and Courtney Force both set their career best times while testing in Arizona. There is no way to properly describe what it takes to pilot one of these missiles down the drag strip. Luckily, though, there’s this thing called GoPro cameras that do a great job at providing a “point of view” of what both Leah and her team experience every time they send this beast down the track.

Hoonigan just released a short video that follows the entire process, starting from when Leah suits up until the time she jumps out of the car after running well over 300mph in 3.6 seconds. You get to see the last minute adjustments to the massive blower intake, and even a few reaction tests before making the run. And even though it looks like she’s only moving her hand from one lever to the steering wheel, there’s quite a bit more going on, it just happens so fast you don’t see it. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t portray the actual power, noise, and energy of what’s taking place. But you do get to see how much goes on in just 3.6 short seconds.

If you’re not somewhat fascinated with Leah Pritchett at this point, there might be something wrong with you. This woman is incredible. Watch this short video and you’ll gain a lot of respect for the team, the car, the driver, and everything else that goes into making this all happen.

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