For the unaware, REV’IT is a massive Dutch clothing brand that pushes boundaries every chance they get. The brand prides itself on being an innovator in the industry, saying, “it is our goal to provide you with the gear that enables you to follow your dreams on two wheels.” Well, if your dream is riding an AWD adventure bike that appears Apocalypse ready, REV’IT has you covered.

REV’IT set out to have a wild adventure machine that could truly go anywhere, so it seemed like the only logical starting point had to be the already exceptional KTM 950 Super Enduro. With a 942cc 75-degree V-twin and a chassis of a large dirt bike, the 950 SE is a full blown assault on mother nature. And while it is devastatingly good offroad the big twin manages to keep enough road manners to be a competent ride on road, for short periods of time. From reviewers around the globe, the only real problem they could find with the mighty KTM was its marginal fuel tank size and its inclination to destroy rear tires. REV’IT fixed that and more with their #95.

To mirror the vision that REV’IT uses when designing its clothing, they first had to deconstruct KTM’s work. That meant taking the Super Enduro down the frame, so they could then visualize where they would go next. REV’IT wanted this bike to be an inspiration from both a visual and performance standpoint, requiring some serious collaboration to achieve the desired results. REV’IT’s creative director headed up the project, and he enlisted none other than Chris Cosentino to have #95 built in his New York state shop.

First matter of business, the aesthetics. This Super Enduro looks wouldn’t do for a project of this magnitude. So, they scrapped them. Starting from the bare trellis frame REV’IT went for bold and burly, adding a massive hand welded aluminum. The tank alone transforms the Super Enduro from a bonafide dirt bike to an adventure bike with an attitude. Gerbrandt Aarts points out that the tank was bold by design, saying, “We wanted to add a big tank, which is massive, that gives the whole bike a great appeal so it’s very strong, and that’s what adventure riding is all about. But also it delivers a lot of fuel capacity, in which you can ride even further.” Form and function in one gorgeous lump of metal.

From there they constructed an entirely new image around the tank. The seat is now more familiar with something of a bobber, or possibly that of an old school scrambler. Either way, it’s fitting because it’s different. Then you have the chopped front fender. Perfect in both size and style. The single round headlight and minimal fairing add on-road functionality without compromising the experience. An interesting decision was to incorporate an iPhone in place of traditional gauges. The smart device can easily relay what ever information you are wanting, even functioning as a GPS device.

The #95 has had its fair share of upgrades mechanically as well. From a performance standpoint, REV’IT junked the stock Keihin THB 46mm carburetors in favor of the uber popular 41mm FCR flatslides from the same brand. Combine that with the custom exhaust and you have the motorcycle equivalent of a howler monkey. REV’IT didn’t stop there either. Because the Super Enduro was being repurposed as a do it all machine REV’IT elected to upgrade both the wheels and tires for better use. That means downgrading to a 19-inch front, and a 17 inch rear with a set of TKC80 knobbies. You may be thinking that a 19-inch front wheel isn’t as good offroad, possibly limiting the #95’s ability to handle the ‘real’ trails. Normally you would be right, but this project has a secret up its sleeve.

Christini’s all wheel drive system. Yup, you read that right. Comprised of a series of gears, shafts, and chains, Christini’s AWD system transforms select motorcycles from their standard one wheel drive setup into one that can send power to the front wheel. It’s a race proven system that manages to greatly improve traction without drastically affecting the bikes handling. While the company makes bolt in applications this one was a one off custom, resulting in a slew of fabrication to make it all work. Because Christini’s system is so refined, it can be activated by a lever on the bars, meaning you can pilot in either standard or AWD. Flip it on when you need it, leave it off when you don’t.

The system is also a smart one, meaning it’s not an awkward balance. The front wheel won’t receive any power until the rear has lost 80% of its traction. That equals a smooth tractable power to the front, only for the times you actually need it. This system becomes quite handy with the 950’s want to destroy rear tires. Now instead of massive wheel spin, you end up with traction in almost all situations. Talk about your go everywhere rig.

With bags over the rear #95 looks like it’s ready to wage war on the entire world. Pack it properly and you have a vehicle that can easily take you high or low, all in phenomenal style. REV’IT definitely knows clothing, and apparently they know bikes too. If the apocalypse ever happens, I know the first bike I’m going for.

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